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What have the stars prepared for Gemini horoscope ? Astrology rating: January. Fight for your future.. February. Hang on in there!.

I just want to be able to learn about my correct life path number. People tend to think about what we call master numbers as somehow special. In your case it is a 20 instead of an 11 :.


I'm not sure about the year as I dont have that I only know the birth year which is the rest I added up The Life Path Calculator at the beginning of this page does all the work for you :. If I have 2 master numbers in my month and day do I add them or not? Hi Jarica, keep the master numbers as they are, reduce your year down and then add them up together Hi can you let me know if i have accurately worked these out and if not can you correct me please.

Also noticed since the Life Path Calculator doesn't include future years you can use instead of , and instead of Why is it that the 18 is broken down further before being added to the other numbers 3 and 1? It seems out of order to me. I personally prefer to add all digits all at the same time in order to avoid further confusion. Hi Paula, If you are talking about just adding all the numbers straight across instead of reducing any of them first, because it is easier to just get your final single digit number, then you are correct However, what does change depending on the method used are the Double digit numbers from which your single number is derived from, and this includes Master Numbers as well as other numbers like Karmic Debt for example.

So it is really up to you to decide which method you like to use and stick with it. Over the years I've looked at all of them and came to the realization that at this point in time, the Pythagorean 3 cycle method is the best of them : Among the main reasons It recognizes Master Numbers within the calculation, gives consistent results across all date ranges, and ties in with the way the rest of the numbers within our numerology chart are calculated, and that is why it is considered more accurate and is used by most professional numerologists.

One thing to have you ponder about the straight across simple addition, since we are now in the year 's it is very difficult to come up with a sum that equals You can do some math on paper and go over some stats if you'd like to delve deeper into it, but fair warning Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Submit Comment. It is not always all perfect. Healthy diet in a very normal way is very important for you. You care about your appearance, sometimes a bit too much. So exercise as well should be taken very seriously, and kept under strict schedule and regime, for your own safety. Do not take things overboard and over-react. As what you do not like about yourself is actually issue of your inner-self not the actual mirror reflection.

Meditate and spend time out in the fresh air. Motivate yourself with positive thinking and keep working on yourself inside out, removing emotional issues, as when those issues are identified and addressed, the mirror reflection will change appearance.

The Aquarius-Pisces Cusp

You like your unique ways, and an have an eye for beauty. Your unique style is a drive that will push you far in fashion or design. But you would do well with technical work as well, as you tend to work better alone on things that do not involve people. Some of those jobs would be in computer science or engineering.

For those who are extremely driven to change the bigger picture, your communicative and persuasive abilities as well as curiosity, will work in your favour in psychology or politics. Your intuition though could prove beneficial in approaching a bit more spiritual side to work such as healing or teaching. Psychic Nyssa is a Psychic Clairvoyant. A few subtle actions—perhaps ones catalyzed by other people—are apt to add up to substantial forward movement as the year progresses. Your 4 Personal Year is an ideal time to set up systems and foundations that make your life easier and more productive for the next five years and beyond.

The energy of the 6 Personal Month increases your sense of responsibility and helps you see the big picture. If interruptions could get in your way, never fear, this is also a time to bask in the warm-fuzzy glow of QT with loved ones. In the video below, Tali and our resident numerologist Felicia Bender explain the significance of , which is a 3 Universal Year. In your alone time, you can assimilate the important changes from past month—and to consider the best ways to implement them.

Answers and ideas manifest through slow contemplation.

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  • Think of this as a time for data collection. Once you have all the facts, you can start determining the most relevant information for your chosen project, one that could be related to relationships, career, etc. For now, focus on preparation rather than fast-and-furious action. Show me the money! As an 8 Month, February demands that you slip on your power suit and take charge. Around February 2 or 5, a new opportunity may come to your attention with potential to cannonball you into an opulent future.

    During a 6 Personal Year, your focus is on family and home, bringing you some added responsibilities in these areas. In some instances, relatives may open doors or help with your professional progress. But be prepared that interference in family affairs that may conflict with your business goals, particularly during the week of February Tend to family obligations as they arise since domestic responsibilities take precedence during a 6 Year. Remember to take breaks when you need them.

    You may find yourself embroiled in a few power struggles with the people closest to you. Uncomfortable and awkward?

    MONTHLY FORECAST – February 12222

    Yes, but this could motivate you to stand up for yourself, set boundaries and tweak a few dysfunctional communication patterns. Step into your power and speak your truth. From February 9-onward, you may feel a shift. Other conclusions—particularly with friends or colleagues—may be comparatively subtle in their falling away. Who leaves you feeling positive and energized during and between your interactions?

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    Put your energy towards those folks. After February 18, take some time for yourself to rest and recharge, in solitude. Surrender to the soul searching.

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    Letting go will be a relief.